Barnard Stairway

Not sure why I like this picture so much but I do. Maybe it's the color of the wall against the blue skylight and the way the light and shadow walk around a building, could be any old building, and something attracts you in the corner of your eye.  Usually you curse yourself hours later for not taking the picture.  For some reason I stopped, took out my camera and made the image.  I did some editing to enhance the mood...maybe a little film noir?  I took the picture a few years ago while visiting Barnard with my wife during her class reunion and just now got to messing with it.  I have to say that I think it's the strangest photo I've ever taken and liked so much.

stairway landing.jpg

Fitz and The Tantrums

Playing all of the music requires a Spotify account

I came across this band listening to a Spotify playlist (below is one of their albums) and really like them...they've been around a while but they're new to me.  They do a blend of genres, new and old. I'm trying post from Spotify for the first time.  They insist you log in to an account to play the whole list.  I personally recommend opening an account.  I've had a paid account for years but even the free account works really well and its a good way to share music.  Let me know if you hate the idea.   

The Existential Dilemna

This question is swept under the rug in every conversation about jobs, the American Dream, economic priorities on the left and right.  It calls into question the whole structure of things.  There are loads of ideas about what to do to improve life as we know but they don't deal with some underlying issues...for me, usually prefaced by "why".